Discover Rosten Uil, our regional craft beer
from Sint-Laureins-Berchem


Traditionally brewed regional craft beer from Pajottenland (Belgium).


Rosten Uil is an artisanal Belgian triple of 7% with surprising malt notes. 


The Barrel Aged is our Rosten Uil beer that has been aged for six months in a wooden whiskey barrel, for an even more refined taste.


From 2022, we will be expanding our range with a new Gueuze and an old Kriek. Stay tuned!

Gueuze & Kriek t' Guldenhooft

Rosten Uil Barrel Aged

Rosten Uil



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HUB Brewers, that is Bob the Brewer who brews his specialty beer Rosten Uil in Sint-Laureins-Berchem. The old farm brewery 't Guldenhooft is currently being renovated, but the beautiful site will gradually grow into a full-fledged brewery. Rosten Uil and Rosten Uil Barrel Aged are the two tasty beers brewed by HUB Brewers.

The name Rosten Uil refers to the barn owl, which lives under the roof of our hay barn. This hay barn dates back to 1890 and exudes a rich history and brewing tradition. A few barrels with promising contents are ripening in this picturesque hay barn.

In 1694 hops were grown on the flanks of Gaasbeek castle for the beer of the then inn-brewery near the triumphal arch on Postweg in Sint-Laureins-Berchem. It is this old tradition of beer brewing that HUB Brewers has been reviving since 2017. And you can taste it! 



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