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Rosten Uil is an artisanal Belgian craft beer. A triple with an alcohol percentage of 7%.

Taste description: SPARKLING with surprising malt notes (slightly sour due to rye malt), fine bitterness and rather SPICY aromas (by Belgian BREWERS GOLD, among others). An accessible beer with a strong bitter aftertaste… that you should taste for yourself!


The "ROSTEN UIL" is the specialty beer created in the farm brewery "'t GULDENHOOFT" in honor of the barn owl, the proud resident of the hay barn.

8 x Rosten Uil

  • Price includes €0.10 deposit (in Belgium)


    Type: Regional beer, Tripel 7%,

    percentage alcohol: 7%

    Weight: 0.55 kg

    Width: 6 cm

    Length: 22 cm

    Colour black

    Trader: HUB BREWERS

    Category: Special beer

    Region: Berchem-Saint-Laurent

    Beer style: Belgian Tripel

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