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The BARREL AGED is our ROSTEN OWL which has been fermented for six months just after fermentation  has matured for months  on wooden SAUTERNESWOOD Whiskey barrel by J. DIAS & CA.SA

This rest in wooden barrel provides a refinement of the taste with the addition of, of course, a wood touch, but also vanilla. The strong bitter aftertaste of the Rosten Uil is less present with the BARREL AGED.

8 x Rosten Uil Barrel Aged

  • Type: Regional beer, Tripel 7% BARREL AGED

    Shape: longneck

    Weight: 0.55 kg

    Width: 6 cm

    Length: 22 cm

    Colour black

    Trader: HUB BREWERS

    Category: Special beer

    Region: Berchem-Saint-Laurent

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